Monday, November 14, 2011


OK so what says Victorian more than candles on the boughs?  I found some LED lights and used the air-drying modeling clay (not the stuff you folks were talking about, I didn't need anywhere near that much), wrapping thinly rolled 'sheets' around the base of each light.  Bead garlands seemed to be popular, too, so I made one with seed and trumpet beads, and attached it in the proper 'draping' with the trusty glue gun.
  Baskets of goodies are also in keeping, I have three of those made so far containing three cookies, an orange, some nuts, a candycane and a couple sugar plums.  I'd like to make two or three more.  I still need to find a bucket for water... think I have one in storage somewhere but would probably be easier to find one at HobbyLobby.  And some toys, like a drum or a dolly or teddybear
  Anyway, here's what I have so far.  Sorry about making you twist your head sideways, I haven't figured out how to rotate pictures in the blog yet.

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